The Flowers and the Weeds

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Is it possible that our headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, etc., can be relieved by removing the “weeds”? Let’s learn more.

Dr. Michael Olpin’s “Flowers and the Weeds.”

Based on Dr. Olpin’s analogy, stress = weeds, and humans = beautiful flowers (imagine your favorite). Just like weeds impede the full capacity of a flower to flourish, stress impedes our ability to grow as well. As a nurse, I know this career provides rich soil for stress. I also know that nurses have instincts like no other group of people. Nurses, as a whole, are the most compassionate and caring people around. Nurses are smart. Nurses make a difference in the life of our patients. Nurses can respond to a critical patient while soothing the patient’s loved one who is desperate for information. Nurses need to flourish. We need to grow and become all that we desire. We have so much capacity to grow. Let’s identify the seeds of stress and take steps to remove the weeds so we can grow to our full potential.

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  1. Jen Willden

    Such an interesting read!

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