Terra Firma App

About the App

TFA Highlights

The Terra Firma App provides ongoing information and support in developing stress mastery within and following completion of the Stress Release Course. The TFA subscription (6 months free with the purchase of the SRC) includes:

Individualized coaching

• Virtual coaching via zoom by trained stress management/wellness coaches

• Confidential 30-60 minute sessions through conferencing programs

Ask the Expert

• Quick answers to questions from a stress management expert conferencing programs

Open discussion areas

• Grouped by topics as they arise and participants can discuss, interact, share, promote each other’s well-being

Online Learning – Terra Firma App

• Available on phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop

• Provides multimodal learning opportunities

• Short videos
     » Stress Mastery workbooks and audio workbooks to listen on the go

• Stress Mastery workshops
     » View on a desktop, tablet, or phone
     » Stress Mastery audio workshops to listen on the go

• Interactive classes
     » Includes foundational 14 module Stress Release Course (SRC)

• Guided relaxation
     » Proven to relax, rebalance, and recharge
     » Available in 1-2 minute format and 15-20 minute format
     » Guided sleep relaxation proven to improve sleep, fall asleep quickly, sleep more deeply, awaken feeling refreshed

Text messaging two or three times Weekly

• Concise, inspiring messages designed to keep nurses focused

Weekly email messaging

• Medium length messages with vital information about effective stress management

• Guidance in areas of the Terra Firma App

• Best-practices content promoting stress mastery

• Announcements about upcoming webinars and other opportunities

Monthly topical webinars

• 30-60 minute classes (video and audio) viewable by phone, tablet, or desktop

• Topics build on previous webinars

• Each session is recorded for anytime/anywhere viewing

Terra Firma App Training Manual

• Gives quick instructions to guide users in the app

• Provides additional education and experiential activities connected with the TFA

TFA is designed to be interactive, supplying an expert human interface (coach) to support all aspects of the stress management journey. Nurse subscribers may also elect to join all-nurse online synchronous and asynchronous discussion groups.