3 Magic Questions to Prevent Stress

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Nurses, how often do you feel stressed at work? Do you wish you had helpful tools when things feel out of control? Listen to what Dr. Michael Olpin says about “3 Magic Questions to Prevent Stress”. I’ve incorporated these into my daily practice, and so can you.

Dr. Michael Olpin’s “3 Magic Questions to Prevent Stress.”

One of my favorite authors, Maya Angelou, wrote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”  Sometimes all we need to do better is access the right tools. My first nursing job was at a busy Level 1 trauma center in Illinois.  I worked nights on the intermediate care trauma floor.  It was intense!  I had two toddlers at home, and my husband was in the 3rd year of his Ph.D. program.  I was a new nurse and felt I had so much to learn.  I was juggling being a wife, a mom, and being sleep-deprived.  I can imagine how much less stress I would have carried had I known and had this tool.  The “3 Magic questions to prevent stress” can be incorporated anytime and anywhere. Take a few minutes to breathe and practice this powerful cognitive restructuring practice. Ask yourself, “Am I safe?”  “Can I handle this?” “Can I think about this differently?”  Now your KNOW!

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