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A complete app for stress management education, tools, relaxation, videos and more.


Stress is a silent pandemic preventing millions worldwide from achieving their personal best. Most stress management solutions are only a library of guided meditations to help treat the symptoms of stress. Our science-based solution doesn’t just treat symptoms, it teaches you how to stop stress from happening and how to thrive in your journey to stress-free living.

Enjoy 1,000+ stress management assets on our platform created by Dr. Michael Olpin an international leader in stress reduction, author,  professor, and personal wellness coach.

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Terra Firma is a platform available for mobile and PC, full of Dr. Olpin’s cutting-edge stress reduction tools. The “Netflix” of stress management is easy to use and includes:

  • Courses, Classes & Workshops
  • Workbooks & Audiobooks
  • Guided Relaxation Exercises
  • Guided and Self-Directed Meditations
  • Quick Relief Videos
  • Activities
  • Supportive Social Community
  • Constant Updates
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Expert Coaching (PC only)
  • Live Webinars with Dr. Olpin (PC only)

Terra Firma is not like other apps that give quick tips or tricks to temporarily “relieve” stress. Terra Firma is a multi-dimensional, research-based approach that helps you turn off your stress, feel better, be healthier, and build a strong foundation from which they can thrive.

Created by a Renowned Stress Reduction Expert

Leading stress management expert Michael Olpin, Ph.D. has over thirty years of experience teaching, coaching, and training people in mental and emotional wellness and stress reduction.

Dr. Olpin is the author of stress management trade and textbooks used around the world. He has taught stress management at several universities, coached athletes, individuals, and organizations on improving performance, and authored a comprehensive online library of stress management materials.


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