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As a health care professional, you are facing unprecedented stress levels. As you focus on helping so many others, you often do so at your own expense. You are likely experiencing pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, burnout, and more. Stress is getting in the way of your well-being and happiness. Stress many not be causing all your problems, but it does make EVERY problem worse.

We’ve created Terra Firma, a science-based solution, to help health care professionals master their stress.

Healthcare Packages

Terra Firma App

$49.95 / year

Subscribe to Terra Firma App, the Netflix of stress management. This app is a comprehensive library of stress management tools for a multi-dimensional approach that helps you turn off your stress, sleep better, and build a strong foundation from which you can thrive. 

The Terra Firma App includes:

Release Course Only

$69.95 / one-time

Enroll in the Stress Release Course for 15 modules that teach you how to permanently stop your stress. Upon completion receive 15 contact hours of approved Continuing Nursing Education credits.

Stress Release course participants will:


Bundle Offer:
Terra Firma App + Release Course

$99.95 / year

Subscribe to the Terra Firma App for Health Care Providers and receive access to this ground-breaking stress relief application.

Enroll in the Stress Release course AND receive 15 hours of Continuing Nursing Education credit upon completion.  

Terra Firma is a platform available for mobile and PC, full of Dr. Olpin’s cutting-edge stress reduction tools. The “Netflix” of stress management is easy to use and includes:

  • Courses, Classes & Workshops
  • Workbooks & Audiobooks
  • Guided Relaxation Exercises
  • Guided and Self-Directed Meditations
  • Quick Relief Videos
  • Activities
  • Supportive Social Community
  • Constant Updates
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Expert Coaching (PC only)
  • Live Webinars with Dr. Olpin (PC only)

Terra Firma is not like other apps that give quick tips or tricks to temporarily “relieve” stress. Terra Firma is a multi-dimensional, research-based approach that helps you turn off your stress, feel better, be healthier, and build a strong foundation from which they can thrive.

Created by a Renowned Expert in Stress Mastery

It’s time you got to know Dr. Michael Olpin. We realize that most people, especially those in the healthcare industry, need help with their stress. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Olpin has been hard at work for more than 30 years developing a system that successfully fixes the stress challenge.

In that time, he has worked with over 10,000 individuals. He has worked individually with hundreds and trained dozens of wellness coaches. He has given over 200 speaking engagements for professional organizations, business, community and church groups. His textbook is currently being used at over 60 universities in the US and Canada.

He is so excited to introduce you to an online program, based on his university classes, corporate and community workshops, books and textbooks, and individual coaching that gives you all the tools you will ever need to get the upper hand on your stress.


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