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With the Stress Release Course for Nurses, learn how to prevent stress and master techniques to sleep better, decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase energy, think clearly, and feel better in all stressful environments by strength­ening your resilience. 


What Nurses are Saying About the
Stress Release Course

Jodi W.

“I have worked as an RN in many inpatient and outpatient settings over the last 30 years. I am currently a nurse educator and collaborate with hospital leadership to provide quality clinical and non-clinical education for nurses. One of the most popular educational requests during the last few years is to help nurses find strategies to improve their well being and resilience. I learned about Dr. Olpin’s Stress Release course and have referred several nurses and nurse leaders to this course. From an educational perspective, the course is well designed and provides a research-based approach to help nurses managing stress and to improve their resilience. The online course has clear learning objectives, engaging and interactive content and is interesting. It has made a difference for me and the nurses I have referred to the course.”

Jessica S.

“I am in my final year of nursing school. I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I remember. I love everything about nursing school especially learning about the nursing process and patient care best practices. Going to my clinicals during the pandemic was intimidating and caused a lot of anxiety. I would wake up the day of my clinical and would feel panicky. My clinical instructor told me about the Stress Release course and I signed up. The course helped me understand what causes my stress and gave me specific techniques for managing my stress and anxiety. I think all nursing students should be required to take this course—it has made a huge difference for me.”

Amanda H.

“I have been a RN for over 15 years and have worked in the ICU for seven years. The last few years have been a challenge for me and my family. I took a short leave of absence because balancing my work and family responsibilities with COVID was just too much. I went back to the ICU-PRN last summer. This time I have looked for tools and resources to help me. I have found some great books and podcasts. A friend from nursing school recommended the Stress Release course-Dr. Olpin had taught a seminar at the hospital she worked at. The course has provided a unique way to manage stress and has helped me keep more balanced. I like that I can take the course using my phone.”

Hannah T.

“Being an ER nurse is fast moving and stressful. Since COVID, my stress and anxiety has become progressively worse. I was having a hard time sleeping, having feelings of dread before a shift, and was “on edge” all the time. I was not dealing with my stress well and it was even impacting my problem solving while working with my patients. I found out about the (Terra Firma) Stress Release course from a nurse friend. I have completed each module and followed all the activities. I have learned to meditate and become more mindful. This has helped me feel more capable of dealing with my stress and problem solving. Also, my sleep is getting better, and I am less on edge. This course was a good step for me being more healthy so I can continue to do the work I love.”

Suzannah M.

“I graduated from nursing school in 2019 right before the pandemic hit. Needless to say, it was a tough transition for me as I started working full time at the hospital especially with all the uncertainty of the pandemic. After my first few months in training on the medical surgical unit, I found myself feeling tired, having a reduced appetite, and was having a difficult time sleeping. I heard about the Stress Release course for nurses during a webinar sponsored by the Utah Nurses Association.”


Course Description

Terra Firma's
Stress Release Course*

Terra Firma’s Stress Release Course is a multi-faceted, evidence-based approach for nurses to fully understand the actual causes of stress, change thinking about stress-pro­ducing circumstances, develop strategies for establishing more positive reactions to stress and, ultimately, support successful long-term professional and personal resilience. The course is entirely online, emphasizes current best practices and tools to support successful stress management and offers interactive components with technical and content support. You earn 15 contact hours of CNE and also amass lifelong stress mastery skills!

*This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by Montana Nurses Association, an accredited approver with distinction by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. To receive Certificate of Completion of 15 contact hours of Nursing Continuing Professional Development credit, the participant must complete Pre-test, view all sessions, complete all Lesson Assessments/Evaluations, complete the course evaluation and complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher. Recorded webinar expiration: 07/15/2025

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The Experts Behind Terra Firma


Michael Olpin, PhD

Michael has spent more than 30 years developing and teaching the Stress Release system that strengthens resilience needed in professional and personal environments to achieve lifelong stress mastery and be permanently in control and thriving.


Dr. Olpin is Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Performance and Director of the Stress Relief Center at Weber State University (UT). He is co-author of the textbook, Stress Management for Life: A Research-Based Experiential Approach (2021; 5th Edition) used at over 60 universities in the US and Canada.

  • PhD, Health Education Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • MS, Health Sciences and BS, Psychology, Brigham Young University
  • AA, Business Management Utah Valley Community College
Less More About Michael

Liz Close, PhD, RN

Liz has 40 years of nursing education leadership and faculty experience in
public university systems offering undergraduate and graduate nursing education programs and is Professor Emerita at Sonoma State University (CA).


Dr. Close served as Nurse Expert Consultant (2010- 2019) for the Center to Champion Nursing in America    to implement the 2010 Future of Nursing Report recommendations nationwide, led California statewide ADN to BSN academic progression efforts, and has been Executive Director of the Utah Nurses Association since 2018.

  • PhD, Sociology
    MS, Nursing and BS, Nursing, University of California, San Francisco
  • BS, Child Development, University of California, Davis
Less More About Liz